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Cultural Intelligence for Business Development

Communicate successfully across cultures

Communicate worldwide

Employees, providers and clients now hail from around the world.

Learn how to communicate better with varied communities and offer high-quality service to your diverse clientele.

Integrate culturally diverse talent

Win the war on talent

Today recruiting and retaining talent is a very competitive task.

We help optimize the onboarding and integration process of your diverse workforce.

Enter unfamiliar markets

Enter unfamiliar markets

Products and services need to appeal to diverse clients and markets.

Learn how to benefit from the diversity of your employees, and how to enhance their collaboration.

Develop cross-cultural leaders

Develop global leaders

A culturally diverse workforce needs cross-culturally competent leaders.

We offer training and support for managers and staff - at home and abroad.

Train culturally diverse teams

Benefit from diverse teams

Culturally diverse teams have a huge creativity and innovation potential.

We can help review structures and optimize supporting processes.

Resolve cross-cultural conflict

Resolve team conflicts

Misunderstandings can happen in culturally diverse teams. 

We help prevent, decode and resolve  cross-cultural team conflicts.

Diversity by itself does not ensure innovation. Diversity combined with high cultural intelligence does.

SHRM Foundation 2015

Cultural Intelligence: The essential intelligence for the 21st century.

David Livermore 2016

Learn how to bridge cultures to grow business


Let's discuss how cultural intelligence can help your business reap the benefits of a diverse workforce.


Intercultural Services offers customized training events as well as a range of standard of workshops.


We can help design and implement customized cross-cultural learning and development projects.

Explore unconscious bias and prevent cross-cultural conflicts  ·  Develop global communication and leadership competencies  ·  Onboard and integrate culturally diverse employees optimally  ·  Increase cooperation and innovation potential of diverse teams  ·  Understand your diverse clientele to grow in unfamiliar markets

Ask for a free intercultural consultation

We tailor our services to your needs

Helping you succeed across cultures is our goal

Intercultural competencies are our business

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