Culture Links

For our clients and expats we have compiled a number of useful internet resources. Please be so kind as to let us know should a link no longer be up to date.

Culture Resources

Culture Resources | Culture Links

BBC Country Profiles worldwide   -  E
CIA World Factbook: Country information by the CIA   -  E, F, S, O Information about literature, art by culture   -  E
DiversityInc: Informational Magazine about Diversity   -  E World Culture Encyclopedia   -  E

Factmonster: Country information  -  E Country insights by the Canadian Center for Intercultural Learning   -  E, F Documentaries about different cultures   -  E Guides and quizzes on cross-cultural etiquette   -  E
Transition abroad: Travel resource for working, studying and living abroad   -  E
World Values Survey: Peoples values and beliefs around the world   -  E

Expat Sites

Expat sites | Culture Links  -  E, F, S, I, O  -  E  -  E  -  E  -  E  -  E  -  E Live meetings -  E

E = English, F = French, G = German, I = Italian, O = Other, S = Spanish