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Diverse teams make better decision up to 87% of the time

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Diversity by itself does not ensure innovation.

Diversity combined with high cultural intelligence does!

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The American Way of Life

The Foreigners’ Perspective

This book will help engage your Global Talent!

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This beautifully illustrated, witty book turns a spotlight on things that are quintessentially American, as seen through the eyes of people from around the world.

The Foreigners’ Perspective will help newcomers realize that they are not alone in finding some customs surprising, quirky and funny. At the same time, the book gives U.S. readers a better understanding about how their customs may be perceived, perhaps even inspiring them to take a fresh look at their own cultural filter.

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Intercultural Services has done an great job. Thank you for all your outstanding suggestions, the professional project implementation and the timely communication.

Your workshop was very inspiring and I loved the real life examples given. This day will help me negotiate better with all my foreign colleagues and business partners.

HR Director | San Diego, California

Transferee | St. Petersburg, Russia

Thank you for the entertaining and riveting team training day. I enjoyed it a lot and there has been an obvious change in how the team members communicate and work together.

The project was implemented in a very precise and organized manner, no detail was forgotten. The intended outcomes were achieved and feedback was provided clearly and swiftly.                                    

HR Director | Zurich, Switzerland

L&D Manager | Carlsbad, California

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